Android Oreo OS Features

Android 8.0 Oreo

Android Oreo is the latest version of Google’s Android mobile operating system, which is available for select devices including Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL.

When it comes to features, the focus with Oreo has been improved speed and efficiency.

Here is a summary of the latest changes.

  • Picture in Picture Mode

    The new picture in picture feature is one of the most useful changes made.It allows you to carry on watching your video on a small screen while you are using another app. The small screen can also be moved around and interacted with.

  • Notifications

    Notification dots will be displayed next to the app icon to show there is a notification from this app. This is a feature that has been part of iOS for years now. Long press on the app icon and it will show you a shortened preview of the notification.

    Another new notification feature is the grouping if notifications into channels giving the user more control. With Oreo, you can block or change the behaviour of channels individually. You can allow some notifications to come through, while blocking others.

    You will also have the ability to snooze notifications for 15 mins, 30min or an hour.

Android Oreo
  • Autofill

    Google is providing platform support for auto-fill. You can enable Autofill for forms for any app. The Autofill API will allow Android developers to detect and add form data, whilst keeping all data. You can use password managers to log into apps automatically and complete common form fields. 

  • Smart Text Selection

    Android uses machine learning and AI to predict what part of text you have highlighted. It will then let you open the relevant app based on the nature of the selection. For example if you click on an address, then it detects that you probably what to find the address on the map.

In terms of UI, everything is still material design and the UI navigation and the settings is the same as before too. The Settings menu however has changed  and the Submenus have also been redesigned

Some apps have new icons and there are small tweaks here and there. Adaptable icon feature has also been added.

Emojis have been redesigned. Some people like them and others don’t, but they are here to stay.

Another addition is Instant apps, where you can run some apps without having to download them from the Google Play Store. Someone may make an instant app and put it on their website, so you can run them.

In terms of performance, with Oreo there will be App Data Cache Limits, which as the name suggests, limits the data that can be cached.

Another performance feature is Background Limits, so here will be automatic limit on what apps can do in the background in areas such as background services, broadcast and location updates.

Automatic WiFi gives the option to turn WiFi automatically on if you are near a saved WiFi network.

Rescue Party is where if your phone keeps crashing, the operating system will apply automatic fixes to solve it. Eventually if none of the fixes work, you will be asked to reset to factory settings.

With Oreo, Android developers can build faster, better performing and more secure apps.

Other added features in Android Oreo are:

  • Use of Fingerprint Gestures for Third Party Apps
  • Security APK
  • Colour management
  • Battery Menu Changes
  • Battery Percentage is Status Bar
  • Night Light slider
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