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Bermotech is a London-based training company, offering a range of programming and mobile app development courses. Our courses are targeted at students of all ages and abilities, from beginners who are coding for the first time, to established computer programmers with years of experience. We also provide corporate training solutions.

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With the current technological climate shifting from desktops to mobiles, there has never been a better time to engage in mobile app development.

Statistics from Google IO and Apple WWDC have shown the massive potential for mobile apps, and as more and more businesses begin to go mobile, you too can take advantage of this exciting new technology.

The learning curve for mobile programming is much smaller than for other mediums, so we often find that our mobile development beginners are also first-time programmers, with no prior experience in software coding.  By the end of the course, students leave with a thorough understanding of the fundamentals of mobile app development.

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We offer intensive iOS and Android app development bootcamps.

For information about upcoming our bootcamps click here.

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What others say

Putting together an app development team is no easy task so my first priority was to get a bigger picture on the app development process, what’s involved with the various platforms, how the development, design, prototyping and testing should be done and being able to speak the same language as my developers.  Bermotech’s App Development Management course helped with this, giving me a clear path in terms of the development process and also helping me make the right decisions for our team and our business.  Narges is a real professional and presents her material well and is not afraid to field questions, both commercial and technical.  It’s definitely a day worth spending for anyone thinking of developing apps in-house.

Shamim MirzaiCTOMumsnet

I took the iOS App Development course with Bermotech in 2014 and I would highly recommend this course to friends and colleagues. The trainer was extremely knowledgeable, and the course was engaging and useful for someone without a background in Objective-C. I left the course with a clear understanding of Objective-C and I now feel confident with developing apps inside of Xcode. I have already started to develop my own apps as a result of the course.

Danny A.Digital Marketing ConsultantWiley

I thought it’s an extremely well structured, planned and focused course.  For me it was a perfect overview, with all the necessary detail where and when required. It also confirmed to me that it is a fascinating, fast-moving technology of the future which I’d like to progress in.  Cannot wait to develop my own apps using my creativity.  Thank you for customising and getting to understand needs before the course.  Thanks for the fantastic course, I thoroughly enjoyed it

Lakshmi KondruSoftware DeveloperiOS App Flowepowr on the App Store

I took the Java and Android Development course with Bermotech in May 2016. The course was easy to follow and followed my pace; you get to create various apps which you can then refer back to which has been a great help. I had no background with Java or any programming language but this course has allowed me to begin development on my own app, I’m not sure I would have made it this far with Narges’ course. As this course helped me so much with Android I also took an intensive iOS development course, although over a shorter period of time, it has helped me establish the foundations for creating apps for Apple devices. I thoroughly enjoyed both courses and would recommend Bermotech to anyone wanting to learn more about app development

Rebecca GoodrightDigital Marketing ManagerBluebird Care

Bermotech is more than just an App Development company, our courses and programs are designed to teach people how to truly communicate in a world where technology is ever becoming a more important commodity.

With Custom Mobile Application Development spanning from a wide array of platforms, our students become familiar with all the intricacies involved with adept coding and how to effectively manage the life cycle of app development and bring it to the market. These specialised courses are designed for the entrepreneur wanting to break into a competitive market which is currently growing at an exponential rate. There is a definite demand for people who understand the intricacies of coding and app development.

Our App Company goes beyond merely developing apps, we help develop creative minds that understand human behavior and how to translate that into interactive applications based on consumer needs. With our app development management course, students become familiar with different platforms and languages giving them the power to communicate their ideas without boundaries.

Whether you are interested in an iOS course or an Android course, our classes will provide you with all the insight and expertise of seasoned app developers guiding you through the entire process. It doesn’t matter if you have no experience at all, we have created an interactive and highly engaging curriculum that will motivate you every step of the way. In other words, we have courses for all levels!

If you are concerned with making time for you to learn these essential skills, we have also created a flexible time table to allow you to find the right time for you. Bermotech offers a wide range of weekend and weekday courses to fit to your busy lifestyle. After all, learning should be accessible.

As our global society continues forward on a deeper dependency on technology and as technology becomes more personal, those who can program and understand these devices will have an “edge” over their peers.