Apple and Gaming – The New Frontier

Gaming is by far the most popular category on both Apple and Android devices. However, Apple with the launch of Pokemon Go, has shown us that there is a new frontier in augmented gaming that’s coming to the market.

With the beefed up specs of the latest release of the iPhone 7 and the Apple Watch, we can expect over the coming months to a year, a surge of new games to hit the market. In fact, the Apple Watch will be “Pokemon Go-ready” giving Pokemasters a whole new way to “Catch’em All”.

According to Apple, the A10 Fusion Chip, is the most powerful ever in smartphone technology. It is estimated to be processing 40% faster than the A0 and double that of the A8.

What this means is that the games launched on the platform can be much more robust, much more interactive and graphics can be pushed to a whole new level.

Even Mario is coming to the Apple devices as Shigeru Miyamoto will be releasing a new version of Mario called “Super Mario Run”.

The Surface is being Scratched

Now, this is only the beginning of a new wave of games that will hit the iOS platform. With these upgraded specs, people are eager to get into developing high-end games that will captivate audiences like never before. Gaming, even if it is a “free download” have many options for developers to generate money.

Probably the most effective strategy is the “in-game currency” options, meaning that you can have the full game for free, however there are “upgrades in-game” to help advance your process. Some MOBA and MMORPG games are generating millions on this strategy and seeing that the hardware for mobile technology is quickly becoming more powerful, we can expect games of the caliber of LOL to be coming to mobile devices over the next few years.

There is definite reason behind the madness. Mobile technology has already rivaled that of desktop and is poised to become even more popular over the years. Thus there is a definite market shift in terms of “where gamers are playing”.

While the market is still small, once enough people have upgraded to iPhone 7 and the likes, we will begin to see an influx of developers willing to test their capabilities and the capabilities of the hardware.

More Augmented Games

In addition, Pokemon Go set a new standard for gaming. Why simply play a game when you can be in the game? Pokemon Go will be the first of many and we can expect the complexity of augmented gaming to only become greater. As processing power increases, the things you can do in game will become more robust and way more interactive.

For developers in the gaming niche, this is definitely great news as you’ll quickly see the market for high performing games expand in the near future. 2017 could very well be known as the “Year of Mobile Gaming”  and we are eager to see how it develops.

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