Tech Entrepreneurship Camp for Kids and Teens

Our Tech Entrepreneurship camp is a focused five day programme for kids and teens with bright ideas. Students will be educated on the Entrepreneurial Process and collaborate within teams: sharing ideas, identifying opportunities to drive their product, conducting market research and SWOT analysis, creating business plans, developing a prototype, and presenting their work in the form of an Elevator Pitch.

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Some of the topics covered are:

  • Software Development Lifecycle

  • Advertising and Marketing

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) - Best practice

  • App Store Optimisation (ASO) - Best practice

  • Types of mobile app and their pros and cons

  • Web Development Steps

  • iOS App Development - Best practice

  • Android App Development - Best practice

  • Prototyping and Design

Students will receive training, support and guidance on how to bring their idea to life and turn it into a marketable product.

The programme provides an exciting experience where students will improve their creative and analytical thinking, negotiation and presentation skills within a fun and stimulating environment.

The course is taught by the founder of Bermotech, Narges Berry.

Ready for the challenge? Join us for our Tech Entrepreneurship Camp this summer.

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