Virtual Reality

Virtual reality captures the imaginations of its beholders. Imagine sitting in your comfortable sofa, wearing a head-set and being part of a Woody Allen Movie or being in space with NASA’s latest equipment observing each star and moon as you pass by. Imagine sitting in a virtual reality classroom full of strange people or playing your favourite game being a virtual part of it. According to an estimate, the sales of VR/AR headsets will hit 100 million by 2021.  With giant companies like Facebook, HTC, Samsung, Sony and Apple diving into this amazing arena, a lot is supposed to be expected. Here are five areas that are being transformed by Virtual Reality:

Virtual Reality and Education

Virtual Reality is not just games. It is expected to revolutionise the whole educational system as well. A lot of thought goes into how knowledge should be imparted into the young ones. Virtual reality may hold one key aspect of the answer, that is, making the kids actually see the Taj Mahal or Eifel Tower instead of teaching them from books. There are real uses of Virtual Reality in Education.

Virtual Reality and Movies

The new advances in Virtual Reality Technology can forever change the way movies are watched. Watching the movies in the cinema with a 2D screen may become a thing of the past. With Virtual Reality Headsets, you get an immersed and reverberating experience by virtually becoming a part of a rally in New York or an observer in a refugee camp in Jordan.

Social Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality may change the way we conduct our social lives. With Facebook’s Oculus Social coming into the market as a movie watching app, the path is paved for further development in Social Virtual Reality. It may be hard to say what exactly is in store but there is certainly a move towards creating a social virtual reality that includes experiencing the same adventures with our friends online unbounded by space.

Virtual Reality and Medicine

Virtual Reality has already made extra-ordinary advancements in the medical domain with Virtual Reality Counselling and Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy. The health professionals and students are indebted to Virtual Reality for the practice that it provides. Similar advancements, like the treatment of alcohol abusers through exposure or helping women get rid of eating disorders are happening.

Virtual Reality and Art

Virtual reality has gone so far as to allow the users to paint their surroundings using 3D tools. The refinement of these tools and enlivening the whole experience will be the goal. Observing classic works of art in 3D at the time of painting would be an added advantage.

The advancements in Virtual Reality are inevitable and will considerably change the way we live our lives.

Virtual Reality and Fashion

VR is changing the fashion industry altogether. It is being used to bring fashion to life and let more people be part of it.  

Already big retailers like Zara offer smart fitting room technology by using interactive mirrors. VR has also been used in fashion shows, for example in 2015 Tommy Hilfiger customers could join its catwalk show from the stores. By wearing the VR headset, It was as though they were sitting in the front row of the catwalk show. At an another fashion show in Paris, people could use a special smartphone app to scan the models and see who the designer was.

Another problem that is being solved is showing customers how they look in an outfit without them actually trying it. By using a “virtual changing room” they can load their size and get perfectly fitted clothes. This will save time and reduce the rate of returns as well.