Reasons to code

Prepare your child for the future, because the era of technology has already started. Don’t be afraid that your child won’t be able to handle it. Learning to code is easy and everyone can learn. Coding is fun and can be taught in so many different ways. By introducing youngsters to coding early, they will grasp the concept much quicker and become much better programmers. It gives them a better overview of how things work and develops their creativity.

Here are a few advantages to learning to code at a young age:

Information behind the scene (Get a different view of the game)

Does your kids love to play games and do you want your kids to find out how games work? There are  many programming languages like Java which children can learn to create their very own game and get a better understanding of how the games they play are made.

Coding explore your child’s creativity 

By coding children will learn how to express themselves in a different way. Through many design and experiments, you children will use their imagination and become more creative.

Starting to create a story

Every program, game and animation tells a story and by coding will help children with their creativity and writing skills.

Be more focused and organised 

By coding children will be more focused and organised. Because coding is very logical. If you’re not focused on coding and make a little mistake, then the function will not work.

Building up their self-confidence

Mastering a coding language and improving programming performance will build up the confidence of your child. Children get a sense of achievement when they create their own games, animations and programs.

Encourage their mathematics background

By learning to code children can understand why mathematics in school is so important and why it has so many facets. Your child can learn that numbers aren’t as boring as they seem.

Learn to be more critical and improve analytic thinking

Coding combines a lot of logical thinking and mathematics. Here your child will learn how to think analytically and by logically solving problems. Your child will learn how to separate the required information and learn to be more critical by coding.

Career Prospects

If your child is mastering the art of coding then your child is prepared for the future and will have many job opportunities in all industries. Because the future is tech.

Coding combine communication, teamwork and collaborative skills 

Even the communication between the teacher and the student is tech based these days. For example children will have to submit their homework using an online software and get feedback from the teacher online. Also kids often work in teams when they are coding and this will improve their team building skills. Coding involves teamwork, communication and the collaboration of skills.

Coding help to cope with daily life

Did you noticed that our daily life is full of new tech and you can’t even imagine life without it. What about your smartphone it’s an essential product we won’t miss.

By teaching coding to our youngsters we give them the opportunity to understand how the technology around them works and we empower them by improving their confidence and creativity and give them the required skills for the future.