Google I/O

Google I/O is an event primarily for developer where shows a lot of news, features, products… etc. This event is done each year by Google, and this year was realized in Shoreline Amphitheatre, California, United Estate

This years it brings us novelties news as Android P, Google lens, AR/VR , WearOS, Duplex, Google Things and updates apps.

Android P: They showed a lot of important updates like:

-The important use of gestures

-Avoiding the secretly app uses camera or microphone

-The use of IA to improve the battery

-Do not disturb, suggested actions or gestures

-How to get your Android P beta

Duplex the new IA technologic, this new features had passed the Turing test, as Alphabet affirm, this IA sounds perfectly like a human, and this is used in google assistance, it talks using words like “uhm”. When it is talking sometimes it pauses before to talk to you or just making some words longer like a human thinking in an answer, in the conference the public couldn’t believe how it could be real, they was amazed

Google said that they will release Android things for developers to final products, it is just a free source software for smart display, this is a simplified version of Android OS but it isn’t focus in all the hard tasks that need to run a mobile. These devices are made to the home use the big problem is that its cost around 799

Google Lens 2.0 will be implemented in the next generations devices, this is a visual search tool that uses the device camera to provide information the problem is that feature need the latest camera, and they announced that smartphones will be more useful with this upgrade

Google are developing in a higher-resolution VR headset display, but they just announced for a standalone VR headset Lenovo Mirage Solo with DayDream, to has camera-based tracking and is more technologically than Oculus go(VR headset of Facebook) also they are working in a new video format VR180, it is aimed to streams like YouTube where Streamers can bring us a lot of entertainment in VR. Nevertheless the AR is more likely to involve on phones but the VR is improving in new hardware developments. Besides, Google need “help”, he need more interactive 360 grades photos that’s why they release the new tool called Tour Creator, this is made for students, teachers or anyone can upload this kind of photos to Poly, the 3D Google catalogue , and this photos can be seen with VR Glasses

Google’s Wear OS also known as Android Wear, this time they focus in a variety of fashion and tech brands, but unluckily this platform hasn’t change from the last year, just got and update to its Assistant function like a speaker AI similar to Google Home,

Waymo  releases the new service of autopiloted taxis, just in Phoenix, Arizona, to early because the pilot program was shown this November, at the moment this new cars allows carry the customer just in Phoenix in a delimited area and free, but in the future, this service will cost money and for all users

Google assistant was one of the principal topics, with Duplex and the new features, it will do an unimaginable tasks like:

Pretty Please this feature is fighting for an educational home, Google home will response you in a positive way with phrases like “please” or “thanks you” also Pretty Please will demand to your son the “magic word” when he order a command, Google home is an intelligent speaker that reply to your voice orders through the digital assistant, Google assistant such as see the calendar, play the music or manage your intelligent house

Google assistant now includes six new voices, including the voice of the singer Jhon Legend you can assign different voices to the different users as well, also Google assistant is able to recognize your whistle voice, tone, and the speed that you usually talk

Trying to reach to Amazon Alexa, the release this new features, high customization routines just with a voice command you will receive the weather, your dates

This year this event shows us how faster the technologic is improving, google is trying to use this devices in our routines like something normal