Google Lens

The last 8 of May, Google showed off the new map integration combined with the camera, a new way to able to your smartphone camera see the world around you, the power of the A.I technology and the Street view of google maps

This combination makes feel you like you have jumped inside the Street view, so You can aim your camera to the street and it will show you the way where is your destination or just inform you if you are aiming a bookshop, café, supermarket etc. The interface is made by a bottom part, where shows the map, estimated time to arrive and additional information, while the camera is showing what is in front of you, with a mark pointing the way, or just a animal guide, a fox. It is running and you have to follow it ending in your destination.

Google Lens also identify buildings, VPS visual position system, dogs breed or just If you are in your friend’s house and you like her lamp, just point your phone to there and it automatically will recognize the object and search this lamps in internet. They said that it has a lot of problem, because all items don’t have the same texture, shapes, size, angles lighting condition, but they made a lot of progress and they are really exited of this so that why Real time results is one of the most important feature. So it so incredible that just opening the camera It can recognize the sofa, the books, the plant. Google affirms this is possible thanks to the advanced in machine learning, using both on device  and cloudTPUs, understating a millions of words, phrases or places in a split of second. Also you can point your phone into a concert poster and a music video start to play

Style match comes from the last feature, when it detects an item of clothing or even accessories and it will search through millions items which are the best to match with the style of the scanned item.

Other amazing feature from google lens is smart text selection, what this mean? Here is a simple example, you are in a restaurant but you don´t know what are the dish in the restaurant menu, so just point your camera to this, and you can copy the words to the real world to your phone furthermore If you don’t know one of dish, just click it and it search for you in real time, to show you the ingredients  is made. This feature is very useful, also you can use for gift cards, copy the Wi-Fi password or even to translate a text.

The idea of Google with Google Lens is You aren’t asking to camera about what is this exactly this item, instead of what are thinks like it and it will put the right answers

If you want to see this exciting event of google lens here is the link