Why learning to code can benefit you

App development has become big business in recent years. There are now millions available for download, from educational apps and entertainment and gaming platforms to apps that help you control your heating or make your work life balance better.

Underlying all these, as well as the websites you see online, is coding.

What is it? It’s basically the instructions you give a machine or computer to get it to do the things you want. We live in an increasingly technological world and that underlying code impacts all of us.

But why should you bother to understand how it all works? After all, you simply want to use those apps to their stuff or play that game, right?

The truth is that learning to code can bring a number of benefits.

Learn to Code

Understanding the Machine

Getting to know how your energy apps keeps track of your electricity bill or allows you to turn on the heating when you get home takes you from being a passive participant to being an active one in the big, wide digital world. Learning how this coding works is not only interesting, it’s imperative if you want to make yourself more desirable to employers or start your own business.

Can you change people’s lives? If you develop an app that helps individuals stay fit, why not? Or one that allows them to learn a language or other skill in their own time. You can even disrupt the world around you with an understanding of coding. Apps like Uber have democratised taxi services and Yousician puts a music teacher in your pocket. 

Boosting Your Job Prospects

Coding is becoming an important challenge for businesses of all types nowadays. Ten to fifteen years ago, you simply had to keep up with a little HTML and the slightly more complex PHP or Apache programming. Now there’s C#, Objective C, Ruby, Perl, HTML5, Swift and a whole host of other languages that are regularly used in the online world.

Employers are crying out for staff who understand these coding languages and are looking to use them more and more in their business operations. Tech is everywhere and developing skills in this area will set you apart from the crowd when you’re hunting for that next job. Coding also involves a wide range of transferrable skills that employers find useful, particularly critical thinking.

Develop Your Own Programs

Learning to code also gives you the opportunity to create your own mobile apps. It could be that you own a business and want a tailored online app to reach your customers. You might want to develop the next big gaming app that goes viral and earns you a lot of money in the process. Once you get the bug, there’s no limit to what you can learn and how far you can go.

It’s Easier Than You Think

The argument that always gets in the way, of course, is that coding is hard. You have to be a certain kind of person, have a mathematical mind, be a computer genius or a combination of all three. The truth is that learning to code is easier than you think. If you have a logical mind, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to pick up the basics and then develop the intermediate and advanced skills to succeed in this arena.

Where to Start?

The good news is that it’s even easier to start learning code. Our intensive mobile app development courses, for example, are the perfect way to begin.

Bermotech is a London based application development training company and we offer a wide range of courses. We keep things practical too – that means you can start coding from the moment you walk through the door, gaining knowledge and confidence in equal measures.

We believe that coding courses should be available to everyone – irrespective of age or ability, whether you’re a complete beginner or you’re a computer whizz kid. Contact us today if you want to begin exploring the exciting world of programming and app development.

You really will be surprised how quickly you learn!