Prepare Teachers for Teaching Computer Science

The all-new curriculum has been rolled out in effect due to the growing mobile industry and the rapidly changing digital world. The manner in which computing is taught at schools has evolved substantially accompanied with exciting incentives that await trainee teachers. A crucial reason why many teachers will have to stay up-to-date with the evolving trends as they try to get a grip on this revolutionised subject. The all-improved computing curriculum is a combination of old-fashioned ICT and computer science. Students will be taught to make mobile apps and simple games, gearing them up for the huge lack of programmers in the computer games sector.

Teaching computer science to students is not just about imparting knowledge but rather an emphasis on the need for practical skills. Therefore, teachers need to be equipped with the necessary expertise and knowledge so that they can empower students further from just knowing things. A certain level of skills will be required if teachers want their students to successfully learn how to code and this poses a challenge not only for teaches but for many schools as well. In order to urge teachers to embrace this daunting task, the Department of Education has initiated a generous tax-free training bursary for all individuals who are passionate and skilful to inspire young people towards this subject. Teachers will no longer experience a mounting rise of panic since the DfE had announced a number of funding packages to help train teachers by computing experts.

Substantial support and resources are being offered to teachers in order to master the necessary programming expertise required to teach children about coding, which will enable them to create simple games and exciting mobile apps. Teachers will be required to take up comprehensive programming courses, which will offer insight into algorithms, variables, programming concepts, methods, blocks and much more. Resources such as the Python school provide a step-by-step guide for current ICT teachers to become masters at Computer Science. Similarly, teachers can use several creative tools and techniques available in the market to make Java interesting and exciting for their students. Great examples of these include, MIT’s Scratch, Greenfoot, Stephan Janssen’s Devoxx4Kids and many more.

Computing has a much more vital role in the education of young people than ever before. Individuals, who have a top degree and significant professional experience in the field of Computer Science, should consider teaching computing at secondary level. This is a great time to do this as not only will you assist young people develop their computing skills but will also be able to gear them up for UK’s creative industries such as visual effects and games design. With the right expertise and knowledge gathered from taking Computer Science teacher training courses in London, you will be able to motivate students to learn how to shape the innovations of tomorrow.

Highly experienced and qualified teachers will teach students to use digital media and innovative technologies creatively and responsibly. What’s more, they will be given a chance to enjoy a competitive salary and rapid career progression. So if you are an existing ICT teacher or an individual who has substantial experience in Computer Science, now is the time to make a change in your career.