Java Programming Courses for Kids and Teens

Java is a robust, class-based, and object-oriented computer programming language developed by James Gosling with Sun Microsystems in 1995.  It has since become one of the most popular programming languages – being voted as the number one development platform and choice for developers, with over 9 million developers worldwide.  Its success derives from the fact that Java is simpler and more user-friendly than other programming languages, such as C++, making it easier to write, debug, and use. To sum up, 89% of computers in the U.S., 3 billion mobile phones, and 125 million TV devices now run Java. Other examples of the use of Java which you may be more familiar with include web applications such as Google Docs, Android apps and Minecraft, as well as a many other mobile games.

Since Java is such a widely used programming language, we think it’s a good idea to get young people started on understanding Java and how to use it. In our Java coding courses for both kids and teens, students will learn about the fundamentals of Java, and develop their own interactive game. As Minecraft was also developed using Java, our coding courses include activities on creating Minecraft mods so that students can usefully apply their Java knowledge in practical exercises.