October Half Term Coding for Kids

Half term coding courses are very popular with kids and this October we are offering both Java and Python programming courses to the young tech enthusiasts.

python coding for kids
java programming course kids

Scheduled Courses

October Half Term Python Course

Our October half term Python coding course runs from 12:30pm to 4pm Monday to Friday. In this course, students will learn the main principles of programming and practice coding with Python turtle and IDLE integrated development environments. They will also learn about the different components of a computer and assemble a computer with the popular Raspberry Pi. Once they have done this, they will connect to Minecraft from IDLE and write code to manipulate their Minecraft world. This is a truly fun and dynamic course and allows students to learn the different aspects of computing.

October Half Term Java Course

In the afternoon we are running the Game programming with Java course, where students learn to develop their own games with Greenfoot. Java is one of the most popular programming languages and in this five term half term course we teach them Java programming principles in a fun and engaging way. All students will design their own game from scratch. The Java October half term course runs in the mornings from Monday to Friday.

Tech Camps

The Coding for kids and teens section contains a list of all the coding courses and tech camps for children and teenagers.

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