Python Coding for Teens

Teen Python Coding

Hands-on coding with Python

One of the main programming languages used in schools is Python. This course has been structured with the Computer Science GCSE curriculum in mind. This is a hands-on interactive course, where Python programming concepts will be covered with step by step exercises.

Students with prior Python programming experience will also benefit as they will be assigned more challenging exercises to work on, which will further develop their programming skills.

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Hands-on coding with Python:

  • Python documentation and help
  • Identifiers and Keywords
  • Variables – declaration and use
  • Data types – int, float and bool
  • Strings – creation, formatting and slicing
  • Operators – Arithmetic, conditional, comparison, assignment and their order
  • Built-in functions and how to use them
  • Python modules
  • User-defined functions – creation, call and reuse
  • Program structure, algorithms and code reuse
  • Decision making – if/elif/else statements
  • Looping – for and while
  • Error types and handling
  • Animation on screen
  • Arrays

Other topics covered are:

  • Computer Systems
  • Data representation in computers
  • Database systems
  • Computer networks and communications