Teaching Kids to Code

There’s no doubt that we’re well into the era of the technological boom – and tech is everywhere. With this comes a growing importance for coding (knowledge and use), especially for the younger generation. This can be seen in the increasing number of educational resources for coding and the integration of computer programming into the UK National Curriculum in schools.

Introducing coding to kids can seem like a daunting task for parents who feel unacquainted with the fundamentals of computer programming – but luckily, much of the work has already been done for you! Out there are a great number of tutorials, software, apps, games, and courses which provide a fun and accessible way for kids to build the foundations of their tech knowledge.

So, how can you introduce the world of computer programming to your kids? Below are a few different ways parents can help kick-start their children’s learning about coding:


What better way to drive learning than through educational games? For example, try Tynker’s Hour of Code Free Activities, which offers a variety of fun games where kids can easily learn basic computer programming skills.
Other online games which are worth having a look at include, Lightbot and Lightbot Jr., Kodable, and Robozzle.

Teaching Kids to Code


When it comes to software, there are a number of different options which parents can choose from when it comes to educational coding resources. One of these is a popular software called Scratch, which was released by the MIT Media Lab in 2007. Using Scratch children will be able to grasp all the basics of coding through the creation of their own games and animations. The best part is – it’s to use and download!


There are an incredible amount of apps designed to teach kids about coding which are available today. Swift Playground is an app created by Apple that will be released later this year. It is a fun, interactive way for kids to learn how to code in Swift, a programming language specifically used for iOS apps and devices.

Other apps include Scratchjr, Codeale Crafts, and Blockly for Dash & Dot Robots, all of which are free to use. For more information, have a look at the Graphite website for a list and extensive reviews of popular programming apps.


Tutorials are another fantastic way to make learning code easy for young learners, as well as addressing niches in the market. For example, the Made With Code project by Google, provides simple coding tasks for students of all abilities and aims to promote computer science careers to young girls.

Other online tutorials can also be found on Code.org, which promotes wider access to computer science learning in schools, particularly for students from ethnic minorities.

Tech Camps

Tech courses are growing in popularity as rapidly as apps and other online resources. Tech camps offer a greater scope for learning through the combined power of theory and practical activities. At Bermotech we offer tech camps in a variety of subjects, from App Development, Electronics, and Game Programming, allowing students to gain personalised teaching and to engage in fun, hands-on activities such as building and coding their own robots.