Apple WWDC Highlights

Which annual event routinely sells out within 71 seconds of its $1600 tickets going on sale? A Rolling Stones concert? The Super Bowl? Think again. Apple Worldwide Developer’s Conference is one of the most popular tech events of the year.

Past keynote events included Steve Jobs introducing the world to new gadgets such as the iPhone and the iPad.

The keynote address at 2013 Apple Worldwide Developer’s Conference was no exception. This year Apple made a few announcements, from the completely redesigned MacBook Pro and MacBook Air to the AirPort Time Capsule–a lightning fast Wi-Fi base and backup device, complete with Apple’s trademark sleek design. Yet some other notable changes unveiled at the keynote address were in the arena of mobile development.

  • From cats to dogs. When Apple revealed OS X 10.9, the company explained that they had run out of cat names for their software, and that all new versions will be named after locations in California. The latest version is OS X Mavericks, named after a California surfing hotspot. However, Mavericks is also a breed of German Shepard, which has some Apple enthusiasts joking that the company has made the switch from cat names to dog names.
  • Extreme Makeover: iOS7. In what’s been hailed at the largest overhaul since the iPhone was first released, Apple announced the release of its newest mobile operating system, iOS7. The upgrade consists of flatter icons on the lock screen, folders which allow users to place apps in multiple locations, and simpler access to notifications. iOS7 has also completely revamped Safari: expect full-screen browsing, a parental controls option, and dropdown tabs. Apple also claims that the mobile iOS7 will be fully integrated with Mavericks.
  • Music on the go. In a move that will allow Apple to compete with Pandora and other streaming music services, iOS7 will include iTunes Radio, a totally free streaming music service.
  • Photos revisited. The photos app in iOS7 will much more user-friendly than the current version. Not only will you be able to swipe between the camera, video camera, square, and pan, but you’ll also be able to edit your snapshots with updated features similar to Instagam.
  • Siri. Your virtual assistant for everything iPhone-related just got an upgrade. Not only does Siri have an entirely new interface (think sleeker and cleaner), but now you can choose between a male or female voice in English, German, and French. The new Siri can also adjust brightness settings, turn on Bluetooth, and operate your Wikipedia, Twitter, and Bing apps.
  • Siri goes for a spin. The new Siri also features tons of great updates for the car. You’ll be able to access messages your car display, and Siri will dictate your messages to you. Siri can also access your other apps while you’re at the wheel, including iTunes and Maps. And yes, Siri will be more than happy to pull up the new iTunes Radio so you can rock out while you drive.

These are just a few of the exciting announcements to come from the Apple keynote address in the 2013 Apple Worldwide Developer’s Conference.