Tech Courses for Children

We offer a diverse set of coding courses for kids which are fun, stimulating, and educational. Our courses explore a different aspect of tech such as Programming, App Development, Web Design, Game Programming, Electronics, Robotics, and Minecraft.

At our tech camps your children have a choice to engage in activities depending on their interests, whether its learning to code using Python, creating their own web pages using WordPress, developing their own games in Java using Greenfoot, constructing their own robots with LEGO Mindstorms, producing their own iOS apps – or your children can build their essential tech knowledge at our Tech Foundation Camp.

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Electronics Tech Camps for Kids


Each student is catered for their own learning style, which is why we take on small class sizes, with a maximum of eight students. With smaller class sizes, we can make sure that every child receives a suitable amount of attention, help, and tailored teaching in order to help them achieve their best and expand their skill set throughout our courses.


Create your own apps, build your own robots, and wire your own electrical circuits. We teach our tech courses through a productive combination of theory and practical activities which your children will be sure to enjoy. At our coding courses, children will have the opportunity to work and learn in a variety of ways such as by working independently, collaborating in teams, presenting to peers, and creating videos of what they have learnt throughout the course – making sure that they really solidify the knowledge they have gained during their time with us.


Our coding courses for kids are open to children of all abilities, backgrounds, and skill sets. Whether your child is a beginner or has existing tech awareness, we encourage all of our students to push their limits and learn the most they can at our classes. How much they learn and how far they grow is entirely up to their hard work. Our course activities drive our students to boost their tech knowledge and a whole host of valuable skills such as their confidence, creativity, communication, problem solving, presentation, and video making skills.


Our coding courses can fit to any schedule. We run our tech camps for kids all year, including term-time and holiday-time. We also offer online coding course for kids. All of our holiday camps run over a course of five days, but are available as either half-day or full-day tech camps depending on which suits your availability. Likewise, our term-time coding courses for kids typically run during weekends or after school. We also provide after-school tech clubs at local schools, so please contact us for more information if this is of interest to you.

Additional information

At most of our coding courses for kids, students are provided with all the materials they will need for the class including, laptops and other tech equipment. However, please do check the details for specific courses in case laptops are not provided on rare occasions.
Snacks and drinks are also provided to our students at all of our courses, though children are expected to bring their own packed lunches for full day courses. Please let us know in advance if your child has any allergies or food intolerances before classes.

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