The best coding courses and tech camps for kids & Teens

We offer a variety of courses for coding enthusiasts of all ages and abilities. Whether you’re starting from scratch or just looking to enhance your current coding skill set, we’ve got the right course for you.

For teens who need a brush up on the basics, our Java and Python Programming for Teenagers course is structured around the fundamentals of the Computer Science GCSE curriculum—that means these particular courses are taught with the Computer Science curriculum in mind, but are also accessible for those not taking the Computer Science GCSE.

These are just a few of the myriad of courses we offer for children, kids, and teens.

And when you sign up for one of our highly specialised and totally unique classes, you’ll get much more than a coding course. We guarantee:

  • Small class sizes, with a maximum of 8 students per group, to ensure individualized attention while still allowing for group work
  • Mixed group settings with lessons tailored to all abilities—including more challenging assignments for more experienced students—keep every student engaged, and ensure that no one falls behind
  • Diverse groups of students—including boys and girls from a variety of backgrounds—to guarantee an open and all-inclusive environment
  • An emphasis on the independent spirit of entrepreneurship, helping students take their creations seriously, as both a work of fun and a marketable product
  • Courses that best fit your age group, schedule, and needs, including coding courses for kids and teenagers, holiday and after school coding classes, and even coding camps

Overview of all our tech courses

iOS App Development Tech Camps | Kids & Teens

In this course students will be introduced to object oriented programming principles and learn how to use Xcode to develop iPhone, iPad and AppleWatch apps.

Xcode is the recommended IDE by Apple for developing iOS apps which can be submitted to the app store.

The programming language used in this course is Swift.

Android Tech Camps

Android App Development Tech Camps for Teens

In this course students will learn to develop mobile apps powered by Google’s Android operating system such as Samsung, HTC, Sony and LG phones, as well as many others.

This is a specialised, yet fun and interactive coding course, in which students learn how to develop native Android mobile applications from scratch.

We use Android Studio, which is the official IDE for Android application development.

Java Coding for Kids and Teens

Java Coding Courses for Kids and Teens

Java is an object oriented programming language. In our Java coding camps, students learn to develop their own interactive games with Java using Greenfoot. They then practice programming with Eclipse and finally have the option to develop their own Minecraft mods. Java is the programming language in which Minecraft was developed and is also used for Android mobile application development. We offer Java Game Programming and Minecraft Mod Development courses to kids and

Python Coding Courses for Kids and Teens

Python is a dynamic, general-purpose, and object-oriented programming language, officially released in 1991. Python has gained popularity and is well known for its simple usability, allowing users to increase productivity by being able to write and debug code more quickly than other computer programming languages, such as C++ and Java. What’s also great is that the Python software runs across most platforms, and can be used and distributed freely.

Electronics Tech Camps for Kids and Teens

In theses camps students learn about electronic components such as resistors, transistors and diodes and their properties in the circuit.  We offer the following courses for kids and teens:

Electronics with Arduino for Teens:  Arduino is an open-source electronics platform, which is based on easy to use hardware and software. In this course students learn how to create circuits and to program them with C.

Electronics with Snap Circuits Junior for Kids: In this camp student learn to build exciting projects such as adjustable-volume sirens, alarms and musical doorbells with Snap Circuits Junior.

Robotics Tech Camps

Robotics with LEGO Mindstorms Tech Camps for Kids

In this camp students will build a customisable, programmable robot with the LEGO Mindstorms and learn to program it. Through the icon based programmable interface, students will be introduced to the concepts of coding such as looping, decision making and flow control in a fun and interactive way. By the end of the course, students will have a good understanding of the difference between hardware and software and the relationship between them. Children find the three dimensional aspect of assembling with real materials and commanding their robot very engaging and rewarding.

Minecraft Tech Camps

Minecraft Tech Camps for Children

Minecraft is one of the most popular games among kids. It is a creative, engaging and educational game, which is now also being used as a teaching aid in certain classrooms in the UK and throughout the world. We offer a number of fun and educational camps for Minecraft fans who are looking to improve their technical and analytical skills whilst having fun. Our Minecraft Tech Camps include Python coding with Minecraft Pi, Minecraft Mod Development and Minecraft Redstone.

Entrepreneurship Camps | Kids & Teens

Tech Entrepreneurship Camps for Kids and Teens

Our Tech Entrepreneurship camps are for youngsters with bright ideas. Students will be educated on the Entrepreneurial Process and work in teams: sharing ideas and finding opportunities to drive their product or service, conducting market research and SWOT analysis, creating business plans, developing a prototype, and presenting their work in the form of an Elevator Pitch. What makes these camps truly unique is the perfect mix of business and technical skills that students gain, which is a requirement for every entrepreneur in the technical world that we live in.

Tech Foundation Camp

Tech Foundation Camps for Kids

Our Tech Foundation Camps provide a jam-packed, stimulating, and fun learning experience for children. Students learn about the main principles of coding such as variable, methods, decisions and loops. They also create their own website, practice touch typing and build robots and electronic circuits. Students work in groups as well as individually and gain a solid foundation for further tech education.

Web Development Tech Camps

Web Development Tech Camps for Kids and Teens

In our web development tech camps students learn to create their own website either with WordPress CMS or HTML, CSS & JavaScript or both depending on their age and interest.

Students learn the essential elements of web development from domain name registration to hosting, SEO and website security and will have a fully functional interactive website at the end of the course, which they can further develop once they leave the camp.

Unity Game Development Tech Camps

Unity Game Development with C# for Teenagers

In our Unity Game Development Tech Camps students will learn to design and develop 2D and 3D games with the popular Unity game engine and C# programming language. Games developed with Unity can be deployed for computers, consoles as well as mobile devices.

Students will gain hands-on coding experience with C# and learn game design fundamentals. They also leave with a good understanding of Object Oriented Programming principles.

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